Here at Crumblicious we believe in using good old fashioned baking techniques, you will find no additives or preservatives in our delicious range of homemade cakes. We also offer a range of cakes that are gluten free, the gooey cinnamon is always a favourite. All our ingredients are measured by quality and not compromised by cost to provide you with cakes that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Our cakes are all delivered fresh, in sturdy boxes suitable for freezing to ensure you can always have a fresh supply of homemade cakes.

Our Range

Our services are the best in town, we provide great quality baked products

Large Cakes

Our large cake selection provide 12 to 14 realistic portions, to meet the needs of the modern catering industry.

Cookies and Buscuits

Our homemade shortbread melts in the mouth and can be cut into a variety of shapes to accommodate events through out the year.

Luxury Cakes

We also offer a selection of large cakes that offer your customers something a little bit different.

Loaf Cakes

If you like more cake than frosting, then our range of loaf cakes will be right up your street.

Gluten Free Cakes

We currently have a selection of 12 Gluten Free cakes to offer, this ranges from Gooey Cinnamon to Strawberry Sponge!


Freshly baked to order, our delicious fruit and cheese scones will have your customers returning for more.

Tray Bakes

Suitable to cut in to 9 squares or 10 fingers, with a variety of products available.

Seasonal Products

We like to keep things fresh so we always have something extra to offer for seasonal events and festivities.