More Shortbread Please!

National Shortbread Day.

Just when you thought it was time to stop indulging, up pops National Shortbread Day! On Sunday 6th January, I will probably begin my day with a nice cuppa and a couple of biscuits. Well, biscuits are my weakness.

Here at Crumblicious HQ, we make a lot of Shortbread. They are a stable favourite with the Cafe’s we supply and without a doubt, one of our best selling products. In fact they caused a bit of friction back home this Christmas, when my Mum ate the last one from their Christmas Hamper. My Nan thought she had secretly hidden it…. Albeit not very well! I had to bake more before visiting between Christmas and New Year.

We have been making Shortbread for century’s. Initially the Medieval biscuits where made from leftover bread dough dried out in a low oven to make a type of rusk. Yeast was eventually replaced by butter to create the Shortbread biscuit we are more familiar with today. I must confess, the first version really doesn’t appeal to me all that much.

Shortbread was an expensive luxury and for ordinary people and was a special treat reserved just for special occasions such as weddings, Christmas and New Year. In Shetland it was traditional to break a decorated shortbread cake over the head of a new bride on the threshold of her new home.

This weekend, in recognition of National Shortbread Day we are adding a new Shortbread Selection Box ‘The One to Share’ to our online store, perfect for any new home, staff room or any other excuse to indulge in our delicious biscuits. I’d best send one to my Nan, not sure she’ll share though.. Haha!
To make the new addition sweeter, if you pop on over to our Facebook page, you can enter our giveaway competition!

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